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Monday, October 10, 2016

2019 Sacramento River Shad Fishing Report and Shad Fishing Map, where and how to fish Shad

  Sacramento River Shad Fishing Report & Shad Fishing Map

One of the best spring running fish up the Sacramento River  is the American shad,  one of the best-fighting fish  there is. Our Sacramento river fishing map shows  shad  at Woodson Bridge on the Sacramento River,  Red Bluff, and all the way down to the Colusa area.
This great game fish migrates up the American, Eel, Trinity, Feather  and Yuba rivers here in the  Sacramento is a  section of the river our fishing map this week is by  far the most productive shad fishing area in the  state.
Shad are prominent in the Sacramento River, but focus from Grimes to Red Bluff, from Woodson Bridge to  the dam, and this is the hottest shad fishing section  on the entire river.
Season is May through July. 
Tackle: 6 pound test line, 6-foot rod and spin-cast, or  Fly anglers should use 8- to 9-foot rod with a  floating line.   Shad Darts, Teeny Rounders, Bug  Eyes, Cre Shad and Flea Flies. 
Buy 1/4-ounce lead heads jigs, and a bunch of pink, chartreuse and red and white  Shad Darts or Teeny Rounders.  Cast flies cast straight  out and slightly downstream and let the lure swing  downstream.
 Shad seem to take the flies or lures towards the end  of the drift, but don't set  the hook, the  soft  mouths and you‘ll lose the shad  with a hard jerk. 
Sacramento River Fishing Reports are they are just starting to bite, so keep posted here for more fishing reports as they start to show more.

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